Introduction of Ohlala's Founder

I am Pang Jun, English name Debby, ohlalaltd’s Founder. Ohlala is a trading and manufacturing combo that helps Most Mums & Indepent Women start the false eyelash wholesale business and help them Import to their Countries.

Started 2017, Like more brave and strong moms or women around the world, I need to take care of my babies and my family on my own, and in China, although the parents of the couple can help take care of the babies, there is always a little bit of discomfort between family and work with all the contradictions of life.

Until 10+ years in 2017, I had been working with foreigners and had a lot of experience in sales and practice, plus my previous experience in helping small brands make custom products and brands in factories, and my love for makeup and beauty.

China is the best and largest producer of false eyelash products. But in reality, mothers still have many obstacles to importing eyelash products from China, such as the crisis of trust before customers and suppliers, how to order, how to do their own brand, how to customize packaging, how to solve the product after-sales, product quality issues, etc.

We also helped our customers purchase masks and others covid 19 prevent products during the 2020 and 2021 epidemics. We also did the mask business. The cooperation with our customers is very pleasant.

If you are also want to start business and have to pull yourself together due to the pressure of life, contact me~

We help each other!


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