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Mink lashes is the lashes made of Real Mink hair, The mink hair is usually taken from the mink’s naturally shed tail hair and a small amount of back hair.

Mink hair is usually taken from captive mink, the hair is more even in length, size, and color, then the eyelash workers carefully select those mink hairs that are 32-35mm in length and shed naturally, and ensure that each hair has a peak, so that the complete mink eyelashes can be made

They are fluffy, soft, light, natural.

Ordinary eyelashes are synthetic hairs made of chemical materials, which are not as soft and natural as real hairs
Mink eyelashes are made of the hair that falls out of the mink. Similar to real human eyelashes

Mink lashes: 25 times

Nylon or Normal Lashes: 5-7 times around. 
Of course, the number of repeated use is based on your own maintenance

Yes, It will. The darker your eyelashes are because your hair contains melanin. The more melanin you have, the darker your eyelashes will be; conversely, the less melanin you have, the lighter your eyelashes will be. As the body ages, the pigment cells in the hair follicles will stop producing melanin and the eyelashes will begin to turn white.

False eyelashes can be made by hand in three different ways:

1.Handmade eyelashes: purely handmade, one by one, the eyelashes are strangled, fine workmanship, convenient and practical.

2. Semi-manual eyelashes: The first few processes are done by machine, and the last two processes are also done by hand.

3. Mechanical eyelashes: Mainly made by machine, but a small part is also done by hand. The product is beautiful in appearance, lower cost, and high output

No, false eyelashes need to be coated with glue when worn, and in order to make the false eyelashes and real eyelashes more flattering and natural, some people also use eyelash curlers, mascara, etc. If you sleep with false eyelashes you are sleeping with makeup, and the damage to your eyes will be big

Absolutely are Mink hairs.

There 2 kinds of lashes material. They are Real hair & Artificial fiber

Real hair lashes: made from natural hair, such as mink hair, horse hair, or even human hair and eyebrow hair. These false eyelashes are similar to human hair and are very soft, with a little bit of greasy shine and a natural curl,  So they blend in with the real eyelashes and are almost as natural as the real ones.

Artificial fiber false eyelashes: made of synthetic, woven chemical fibers, combined with the grinding process, the fiber hairs are pointed at the end, thick and thin. These eyelashes are harder, neatly arranged and uniformly curved. The luster of the eyelashes under light is higher than that of the real hair type false eyelashes, and the naturalness is slightly lower than that of the real hair type false eyelashes.

No, Fake eyelashes are made of several kinds of materials. mink hair, Baby hair, Horsehair, nylon, silk, Synthetic, etc. 

Order Questions

False eyelashes: 30-50 pairs if we have stocks.

Package: 30-50 pcs

Add logo package: 30-50pcs. 

The steps is simple:

1: Choose Eyelash styles +Box styles in our Catalog, if you need to make new design eyelash or box, Tell us your idea.

2: Provide your Logo file, tell us Where do you need to put the logo 

3: Show your logo position and Samples

4: Make production

Normally 18-56$ per 50 pairs according to the shipping method: From e-package to express(DHL, UPS. FEDEX. 

You can pay by Paypal or Bank Transfer, Samll amount need to paid full before shipping.

Large order can be 30% prepaid, 70% before Shipping.

We take full responsible if  Quality Issue

Yes, We provide free samples before your order.

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