Are you worried about your eyelashes, or are they creating any problems? Then do not worry. This article will help you find solutions to your problems.

Facing eyelash problems is common at any age. And especially women who are fond of makeup and liners. Some women also put fake eyelashes on for a better look. You will find the answers to the most common problems people face with their eyelashes and some important faqs. So keep reading.

What is Eyelash?

Eyelashes are close to normal hair with some differences and grow from the eyelids. They protect the eyes from dust, small particles, and other dirt. Both the upper and lower eyelids have eyelashes. Its color also varies. Black is the most common one, while brown and white eyelashes are also seen. 

Eyelashes take twenty to twenty-six weeks to grow during pregnancy. It can also grow after falling like hair but takes time. Generally, six to eight weeks are taken to grow again after being pulled out. But a tremendous amount of pulling may cause harm to these lashes. So be careful about that.

What is the Importance of Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are essential to protect the eyes from foreign particles like dust, insects, and other harmful objects. When the eye stays open, the hair prevents dust and other things from entering the eye. In sleep, they transfer them into the corner of the eye as small rounded objects by releasing an internal liquid. Thus, unknowingly the eyelashes protect our eyes from damage.

The Fake Eyelash

The fake eyelash or eyelash extension is a form of eyelash used to enhance the beauty of the eyelashes. It is an artificial product. It is generally made of other mammals’ hair, like mink. Even man’s hair is also used. It includes an adhesive called cyanoacrylate. 

Eyelash extension increases the beauty of the eyes, but it has several infamous reports. Now we will look at those problems and solutions.

Problems with Eyelash Extensions

According to, eyelash extensions can create different severe problems. They are as follows.

  • Irritation and Redness

It is highly possible that the fake eyelash you are using may not suit your eyes and can cause problems like irritation and redness.

  • Inflammation and Swelling

The eye is a more sensitive organ of the human body, and false eyelash extensions need to be glued to the eyelashes with glue, the root of the eyelashes is the sweating area, if the glue clogs the root of the eyelashes during implantation, it affects the pore sweating and can easily lead to Blepharitis, stye, and other eye injuries. If the false eyelash extensions fall off, the detached eyelash debris or the tip of the eyelash can damage the conjunctiva and cornea, causing eye injuries such as keratitis and conjunctivitis

  • Pink Eye 

The pink eye problem is also a significant problem. Due to the adhesive, the eyelash extension collects dirt and pollution, which highly attracts bacteria and fungus.

  • Allergic

Sometimes allergic reactions are also seen due to the presence of formaldehyde in the adhesive. the false eyelashes used for eyelash extensions may come from human hair, animal hair, or even be made of chemicals. Poor quality false eyelash extensions can easily cause skin and eye allergies around the eyes, resulting in corneal and conjunctival redness, tearing, periocular rash, and other symptoms.

  • Inverted Eyelashes

When attaching false eyelashes, if there is a problem with the angle of operation, it is easy to cause the new eyelashes to become inverted, the eyelashes will constantly stimulate the eye inwards and will have a debris feeling, if not dealt with in time, the eyelashes will constantly rub the transparent and delicate cornea, affecting vision.

  • Bald Eyelash/ Eyelash Falling

Most importantly, one can also face bald eyelash problems. It means your natural eyelashes can fall totally because of the use of eyelash extensions.

The Possible Solutions

If you need a permanent solution, stop using eyelash extension. According to doctors, one can use mascara instead of eyelashes for a better look. But we cannot deny eyelash extension so quickly as it gives an extra charm to the eyes. There are some possible and stable solutions to the problems mentioned above. Let us see what they are.

  • Ensure that the esthetician putting the eyelash on has a valid certificate.
  • See the components used to make the product, and make sure whether any chemicals are allergic to your body.
  • Always check if your aesthetician is maintaining hygiene.
  • Your eyes may get infected. If something happens like this, Do not rub your eyes with your hands, immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the side effects of fake eyelashes?

Fake eyelashes may have multiple side effects, including irritation, swelling, infection of the eyes, fall of lashes, and redness. Long-time use of eyelashes may increase the chance of developing the above problems.

Can false eyelashes extend fall?

Yes, false eyelashes also have a life like the original ones. After use for 2 to 4 weeks, they generally start to fall. However, you can fix them through your stylist.

How to fix broken eyelash extensions?

Go to the Salon spa, ask the workers to help you or replace them with a new one. Natural eyelashes can grow, but fake eyelashes cannot. So without replacement, there is no other way.

Do my natural eyelashes grow back?

Natural eyelashes grow back within seven to eight weeks of falling out. So there is nothing to worry about. 

Is it okay to pluck eyelashes?

People, especially women, pluck their eyelashes for a trimmed, stylish look. Generally, the eyelashes grow back after plucking them out. But extensive pulling may harm the roots, which may cause harm.

Do lashes also turn white with age? 

Yes, with age, the lashes also turn white or gray. The amount of melanin in your hair declines as you get older, resulting in gray hair. 

Is anyone’s lashes more brittle and falling out approaching spring? Is it normal that I have?

Yes, some people are weather-sensitive, and their hair starts to fall in spring. The eyelashes also get worse at this time. Yes, it is normal to have such problems. All you need to do is just take extra care. So the condition does not get worse.

Why do some people have no eyelashes? 

It is abnormal not to have eyelashes at all. People who have no eyelashes go through a disease called Madarosis. That is why they do not have any eyelashes.

Why are my eyelashes so short?

 Most are genetically determined. There can be several reasons behind a thin eyelash. Diseases like thyroid, hormone imbalance, vitamin deficiency, and eye infections are accountable for short and thin eyelashes.

What happens to eyelashes that have fallen into the eye?

If eyelashes fall into the eye, the human body’s natural process starts. It immediately tries to remove it from the eye by blinking the eyelids continuously. 

Will my eyelashes grow back if I cut them? 

Cutting or shaving the eyelashes has become common, especially for actors and models. It is a natural process. Generally, the eyelashes start to grow within six to eight weeks from the cutting day.

How can I fix bent eyelashes?

Bent eyelashes can be fixed through combing. For a better result, wet the lashes and, after that, comb them. An anesthetic way to fix bent is to use a warmer.

How do I prevent having clumpy eyelashes?

The most common reason behind clumpy eyelashes is using too much mascara. Try to avoid that habit if you have that. Instead, just use it at a time.

I shaved my eyelashes. How can they grow back?

Eyelashes also have the same process of growing as hair. But it takes a lot of time, and six to eight weeks is the primary time.

Why do eyelashes grow in different directions?

Some people’s eyelashes are straight and long, and some people’s hairs are cross-grown, which is genetically determined. No need to be too concerned. Scar problems may cause hair to grow in different directions, especially if there is any injury.

How can I stop my eyelashes from falling out (by any means)?

Always keep the eyelashes clean, and do not use any chemical products harmful to hair. Avoid using eyelash extensions for an extended period. If you can use the eyelash nutrition, That will be great.

Is it natural to not have bottom eyelashes? 

No, it is not natural. Extreme eyelashes fall may be the top reason for missing the bottom eyelashes.


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