There are many different false eyelashes on the market, but not all of them equal. Here’s a quick guide to some standard classifications.

Eyelash extension, strip lashes, and individual single lashes are the three basic varieties of fake eyelashes. It’s crucial to understand the differences in the options accessible before acquiring and wearing artificial eyelashes.

You’ll be surprised to know that false eyelashes come in a wide variety of shapes, lengths, and thicknesses. In fact, there are so many types it can be hard to keep track of them all. So if you’re new to the world of fake lashes or need a quick refresher on what’s out there, read on to know more. 

By Category 

Eyelash extension. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent artificial eyelashes. They are made of either human hair or synthetic materials. They add length and density to eyelashes without mascara or other cosmetics. Eyelash extension can last up to 2 weeks-1 months.


Strip lashes. Strip lashes are a type of artificial eyelashes in which a series of tiny, false lashes are affixed to a strip. Once the strip is in place against your lash line and secured, you can apply mascara. Mascara is helpful to make your natural lashes look fuller.


Fan eyelashes (Individual Lashes). Individual lashes are small strands of synthetic lashes applied to personal eyes. These can be added to create more definition and curvature in the eye. They are also helpful to fill in gaps between sets of eyelashes. 


Bottom Eyelash. Bottom false eyelashes are applied to the bottom outside of your eyes, called your lower lashes. Bottom lashes are natural-looking lash extensions that appear as though they’re growing directly from the base of your eyelash line, adding fullness and length to both eyes. They come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors.  

By Material

False eyelashes are mainly classified by material: 

  • Fiber eyelashes
  • Real hair eyelashes
  • Animal hair eyelashes
  • Feather eyelashes

The artificial fiber false eyelashes are cheaper. But they will appear to be out of sync if they are not properly attached.

Fiber Material:

There are human-made fibers and imported high-end fibers 

  • Human-made Fiber Material: 

Fiber false lashes mimic the look of a natural eyelash. They are made from a flexible strand of fibers woven together to create one long lash. 

  •  imported high-end fibers 

False eyelashes are typically made from fibers. They are made from imitation mink, which is also known as high-end fiber. It means they stay softer and will not irritate you throughout the day as other man-made fibers would.

Animal hair:

The animal hair is treated with dyes and chemicals before being hand-rolled into shape. They’re then glued to false lash bands, which are strips of the same texture as natural lashes, to help them stay on better. 

These are the most commonly used animal hair:

  • Mink hair

It is soft. The shiny, silk-like fur of a mink is due to its abundant undercoat, which consists of soft and fine hairs. Some black-hearted factories use mouse hair instead. 

The most delicate type of virgin hair is mink hair (4). It is often considerably longer than other forms of virgin hair and is exceptionally thick and full. The follicles are in the same direction as with different types of virgin hair.

  • Horsehair

The extensive hair on the manes and tails of horses is known as horsehair. It’s used for a variety of things, including upholstery, brushes, and musical bowstrings. Horsehair can be pretty tiny and flexible. It is very hard in terms of wearability and quality.

  • Rabbit hair

Rabbit hair is animal fiber from the Angora rabbit and common rabbits. Lapin (5) is the term for rabbit hair. 

  • Fox fur

Fox fur is very fluffy, and it feels soft. It is warm, but it can be used for high-fashion clothes like collars, cuffs, wraps or headbands. It is usually colored.

  • Pig hair

Most pigs have hair that is not very thick on their skin. But some pigs have hair that is thicker on their skin. Such pigs are Mangalitsa pigs (6). Some bad factories use this as material 

  • Dog hair

Dog hair is utilized for different purposes than human hair. It has lower elasticity than a human hair but is more durable. Some bad factories use this as eyelash material.

The advantage of animal hair is that it looks very soft, and there is no sense of dissonance when it is attached. It is very realistic, but glue can easily ruin animal hair, and false eyelashes are very expensive.

Real human hair: 


False eyelashes are usually made out of natural human hair collected at the salon and used to fill in gaps on the lash line. Generally, natural human hair uses baby hair. 

Feather eyelashes:

Feather eyelashes usually are made from natural hair from a bird. This natural hair is gathered, cut, and styled to give it a feather shape – hence the name – before being proudly displayed on your eyes. The following are the most commonly used feathers:

  • Bird hair

When it comes to the cosmetics industry, feathers are becoming very popular. They provide a unique texture that is often associated with luxury items for this up-and-coming generation. The characteristic of bird feathers is that they are water-resistant and durable.

  • Chicken hair

Cosmetic-grade chicken feathers are bleached to achieve their white appearance. The main thing that makes feathers an excellent choice for cosmetics is their versatility and light, airy quality (which is what you want in a brush or eyelashes).

  • Duck feathers 

Duck feathers are great for makeup brushes and false eyelashes because they are bristles that feel soft and also keep their shape. They are described as being soft and lightweight. 

By Structure

False eyelashes can also be divided according to their structure: “hairs” and “stems.”

There are three types of Band/stems: 

  • Transparent
  • Cotton
  • Plastic

Transparent stems are those that are transparent in color and are suitable for light makeup. Due to the invisibility of the transparent rods, wearing these offers a natural look. 

Cotton stalks are made of cotton thread and need to be used for eyeliner before use. Cotton stalks are thin, flexible fibers. 

The cotton thread of the stem is similar to the usual sewing cotton thread, and the eyelashes are tied one by one.

As a result, they’re able to last a lot longer. In addition, some people find that they’re more comfortable to wear because they don’t irritate the eyes quite as much.

Plastic stems are made of plastic, which can hold up the eyelids. The beauty of these stems is their durability. 

Plastic stems are usually found in the center of individual lashes. However, they can be uncomfortable because they feel stiff against your eyelid skin.

It is better for people with heavy eyelids to create a double eyelid effect。

By Artwork

The types of false eyelashes are: 

  • Artificial eyelashes
  • Semi-artificial eyelashes
  • Machine-made eyelashes

All three are actually manually operated. It’s just a matter of how much labor is involved.

Artificial eyelashes (Handmade Eyelashes) 

They are made by hand by tying a single strand of eyelashes together. Purely handmade, one by one to strangle the eyelash wire, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. 

However, the process is complicated, and the output is limited by manual labor.

It’s also a representation of the dedication and craftsmanship with which it was made. 

Semi-artificial eyelashes (Half handmade, Half machine-made)

Semi-artificial eyelashes were made by a machine during the first part of the process. Still, the last 2 processes were finished by humans. So the eyelashes are more even and also in a good finish.

Machine eyelash production (All machine-made)

The machine eyelash production primarily relies on machines, with some manual work required. It has a beautiful and cost-effective quality to it, facilitating a fast turnaround for this project. 

Machine eyelash production is unique and innovative in the beauty industry. They are emphasizing low-cost and high output.

By Shape

According to the shape of the eyelashes, there are two further types.

  1.  Fan-shaped. False eyelashes are often shaped like a fan and make your eyelashes look fuller or big. It is beneficial if you want your eyes to look wider on top. The focus is in the middle of your eye (the cuteness). These long lashes point out with a soft and sweet touch.
  1. Flying shape. The inner corner of the eye is the shortest, and the outer corner is the most prolonged—the transition from short to long. The focus is concentrated on the outer corner of the eye, showing a flirtatious and moving charm.

By Style

False eyelashes can also be divided according to the density. The density typically refers to how many strands of lashes a style has. The more panels or rows, the higher the density. So a style with 120 lashes per strip would have a higher density than a style with 60 lashes per strip.

  • Natural style Eyelashes
  • Long, dense-style eyelashes
  • Exaggerated shape Style Eyelashes

Natural false eyelashes (also known as an elegant and classic shape)

These elegant and natural-looking false eyelashes are the perfect fit for a natural look.

These flicks can go from daytime to night with your style. Natural false eyelashes are the most common style. These eyelashes are longer, denser, and curvier than real ones. 


These are perfect for work or low-profile needs. They give the illusion of longer, fuller lashes without putting too much pressure on your eyelashes.

 It is a great beginner’s option if you have never tried using false lash before or getting an extension put in due to less risk involved.

Long and thick false eyelashes (also known as Barbie-shaped) 

This is an increase in density on top of the above natural type base lashes; by applying one real eyelash with two or three of the artificial ones, you’ll instantly up your glam game. 


These eyelashes will add to the size of your natural eyes. 

It’s also highly age-defying. Thus, making it an excellent method to boost your confidence in social situations.

The natural version is the most popular. 

Exaggerated shape style eyelashes (also known as Cleopatra)

These are the style of eyelashes that draw attention with their outsized, elongated shape. 


Denser and lengthened based on the long and thick style are longer than real ones, making them 3-4 times thicker for a fuller lash experience.

It is gorgeous when done, but natural lashes that are short and sparse will not handle the length and density of this style. 

It also has a shorter retention time. It’s like a person who can lift two 1-meter sticks for an hour, three 2-meter sticks for 50 minutes, and five 3-meter sticks for more and more time and can’t lift them anymore.

This approach is still the most acceptable option even if you go to a party, celebration, or other gatherings that demand heavy makeup.

By Color

  • Black. Black false eyelashes are used to balance out one’s natural eyes. Black false eyelashes are used for everyday applications to give your eyes a fresh, alert appearance.
  • Brown. Brown eyelashes are used to enhance the wearer’s facial structure, generally in cases where the facial structure is too angular to match the mood of a look.
  • Color. Colored false eyelashes are false eyelashes that have a different color than natural hair. They are typically used for special occasions, such as weddings or dances.

By Curl ( always separated by Eyelash extension, Not for strip eyelashes ) 

  • J volume. The shape of the eyelashes is long and thin, although they are still prominent. They extend up to 30 degrees into the lashes near their root and curl slightly. Short eyelashes look best with this style. 

The J-curl curl type is the most natural Curl since it isn’t particularly curled. This Curl is not often used because most clients want a little pop/lift with their extensions.

If the natural lash is straight or downward, and the customer wishes for a conservative style, you utilize this Curl.

  • B type. The B Type False Eyelashes feature all-natural fibers that are pre-curled at a 40-degree angle. This universal shape will easily fit women of any eye shape, so it’s easy to apply. 

B-curls are an excellent option for clients who want to avoid lash lines in their inner corners. J-curls offer more lift than this style, but the B type can be ideal if you have thinning or balding brow bone areas around the eye as well.

  • C volume.  These eyelashes are approximately 50 degrees long. These come with exaggerated corners for a creative, eye-catching look. They can easily fall off, so they are rarely used. 
  • D Curl.  It is best to use to achieve the Barbie doll appearance. It is ideal for girls with slightly drooping eyelids and is adored by party goddesses. D-curl is gaining popularity as the trend is to have more lift and visible lash lines. This Curl does not disappoint! 

It provides incredibly dramatic results with incredible amounts of volume coming from each side, making it perfect for your everyday look or night out on the town.

  • L Curl. They’ll work best on monolid eyes. These will give you a C or D curl effect with less danger of the lashes poking into your eyelid on hooded, deep-set, and “droopy” eyes.

By Thickness ( always separated by Eyelash extension, Not for strip eyelashes ) 

The Thickness of the eyelashes is divided into four types.

  • 0.10mm. The lashes are quite small and resemble a feather. They are relatively delicate and soft. They’re used in the inner corner of the eye and the vicinity of tiny hair follicles.
  • 0.15mm. These eyelash lengths are an indispensable staple in any makeup bag. They are a universal product for all eye shapes, sizes, and colors of the eye.
  • 0.20mm. Because of the thick layer, the effect of encryption is stronger in this model than in earlier ones; one is equivalent to two, and encrypting is quick.
  • Blossoming lashes. These are single and double-to-root lashes. They range from four to seven eyelashes with roots connected together. These are referred to as rapid extensions with low technical difficulty. But they aren’t as natural as single lashes.


False lashes can be used for many different occasions, so it’s important to know the various lash types available. False eyelashes are a great way to jazz up your look and get the attention you deserve. If you’ve ever had trouble deciding which type of lash is right for you or where to find them in person, this quick guide should help clear things up.


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