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While many people are not aware, there are different classifications of eyelash bands. Whether you are starting an eyelash business or simply looking for one for yourself, a piece of knowledge about its certain types will create a significant change. It is time to grab the opportunity.

Any consumer can choose from a variety of eyelash types. Clear stems, cotton thread stems, machine-woven stems, and black plastic stems.

This article will provide you with an overview of some of the different disposable false eyelashes’ stems.

What Are Lash Bands?


A false eyelash stalk is used to hold the false eyelash hairs in place. It is like a strap that binds the false eyelash hairs; the false eyelash stalk is the area in direct contact with the eye’s curtain. 

False eyelashes are usually made of cotton thread or silicone material, depending on the different false eyelashes.

Why Do You Need To Know The False Eyelashes Band Types?

Export products have high quality requirements, including product structure, materials; the similarity of each eyelash pair, the fineness of each eyelash, whether it passes the inspection and quarantine health standards of the importing country, etc.

In general, one does not necessarily need to choose a brand when buying eyelashes. Instead, it is the style and workmanship that matter.

Since the structure of false eyelashes is simple, It has only 2 parts. The most directly touched with the skin is the stem of the false eyelashes. It is essential to know the material of the stem.

And If you want to form an eyelash business, having basic knowledge about products is undeniably valuable and vital.

Different Name Of False Eyelash Band

A pair of eyelashes are made of stalks and hairs.

However, one thing to note is that stalks may have different terms. 

You may encounter people discussing the eyelashes within forums. For instance, eyelash bands and stems, stalks have the same meaning. They both refer to eyelash bands. 

In this article, you will find these terms used alternately.

What Types Of False Eyelash Stems Are Available?

Daily worn eyelashes can be broadly classified into the following stem styles: 

Transparent Stem/Band/Stalk

All eyelashes falling from clear stems have these similarities. Clear stems are described as something similar to a fish line.

How does it use to make lashes? 

First, they are folded into halves. Then, each is being knotted on a transparent stalk.

The great advantage of eyelashes with transparent stems is their useability. Likewise, they are easy to cut into small pieces then do perfect makeup effect. Plus, these types of eyelashes can retain the original curvature after you take off from the package. Softer than the cotton band

Its downside, on the other hand, is the product’s durability. If an entire strip lashes, The eyelash parts may fall off more easily. They are also prone to warp or curl.

We have two more subcategories under this type:

1: Plastic Clear Stems/Band/Stalk

Like stated earlier in this article, these false eyelashes are made from materials similar to fishing lines. They are also being tied one by one. These types of eyelashes are best suitable for those who love nude makeup

Its main feature is its wear. It also does not come with marks. Thus, making a person more stylish.

As for the cons, these eyelashes in clear plastic stems are more elastic. Plus, its parts may easily fall off. Therefore, the glue needs to be super dense. Otherwise, its durability will be highly compromised. 

What can you do? You can cut the eyelash to be slightly shorter than your own eyelashes or cut and wear in sections

2: Silicone Clear Stem/Band/Stalk

If you compare clear silicone stems with the above stems, clear silicone stalks are not as hard as clear plastic stems.

They are also shapely. Some even describe them as something easy to wear. On the surface, you can see that lashes are set inside. They are carefully glued as well. 

However, some people don’t like its style. Because it is too thick. But if you are good at wearing these eyelashes, you can easily make up the double eyelid effect.

Cotton Thread Stems/Band/Stalk

This is a prevalent type of false eyelashes band. 

As the name of the eyelash stems classification suggests, the primary material used is cotton.

How does it use on manufacturing strip lashes? 

That cotton band was stuck together by glue

some eyelashes are this: first, the lashes are folded into halves. Then, they are knotted on the black cotton thread stalks.

People choose Cotton thread bands for many different reasons. One of the well-known benefits is that cotton band false eyelashes are soft. Therefore, they are comfortable to one’s eyes. And the cotton eyelashes can be stuck tight on the eyes.

Whether you want to sell such a product or just use it for personal use, one should be aware that such false eyelashes have a low repeatability rate. For instance, the stalks get bent easily. It may also have certain deformities after tearing them off.

We have two more classifications under cotton thread stalks similar to clear stems: 

1: Ordinary cotton thread stems/stalk/band

As the term suggests, this type of false eyelash is ordinary. Despite it, it can still make a person appear unique. Many people would love it because it is very lightweight. It means it promotes comfort.

However, there is a slight downside. Often, you need to draw eyeliner sometimes if there is color. Plus, as it is too soft to wear.

These cotton threads are widely used.

2: Cotton thread black Band/stem/stalk

This is also widely popular among eyelash users. It will help you or your customers appear magical and beautifully dramatic. It features cotton thread. From artwork, they are being made one by one or stuck together with hairs material.

Also, this is generally thicker than other lashes, which you can use as an outer liner as well. This enables you to become more stylish with your appearance, without having obvious lashes’ reflections. More importantly, the material used was ductile, soft, and difficult to tilt. Therefore, problems such as lash falling out from your eyes and edge warping will not be a problem.

Like other types of false eyelashes, you can use this on different occasions with full flexibility and creativity. This does not also have a chemical reaction with eye makeup. Indeed, everyone will benefit from its capability of holding the same amount of eye makeup throughout the day.

However, one should be aware of its cons. Likewise, even though the glue that had been put on to it is strong, it may still get certain deformities after using it.

Plastic Black Stem/Band/Stalk

Unlike cotton eyelashes, a Black plastic Stem is harder and more long-lasting. Its primary benefit is that you can be so sure that it can hold up your eyes for a longer period. Plus, your natural eyelashes will not be easily deformed.

It is pressed one by one. Because eyelashes are made of plastic, the band and the hairs look like one. 

they are used in the Three-Trees series eyelashes.

Machine-woven Stems/Band/Stalk

Hairs are well-aligned and stuck in a flat strip. 

And it is hard enough, so the support is good; you will have the most potent styling effect. But not everyone may not find it highly comfortable; you can use it for a longer duration.

You can pick a scissor by cutting the lashes into different pieces if you want to. You can have it with your cross-woven band. Afterward, you can proceed to stick the lash piece to one’s upper eyelid. Typically, it is placed 1mm above the real lash. This way, everything will look natural.

This can be a better choice for some, especially those into double-fold eyelid style. It offers better style effects. 

The woven stems may also be best suitable for those prone to certain conditions such as swollen eyelids or edema (5). People wearing another false eyelash on the top of your eyelids will further benefit from the style. On the other hand, this is not recommended for sensitive eyelids. It may easily poke the corner or the end part of your eyes.

Final Thoughts

The eyelash band is critical whether you have it for business or personal use. 

Generally speaking, you can choose cotton thread stems and clear stems for everyday use. I like clear stems because it is natural, how about you?


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