One of the most critical steps in applying eyelashes is a quality check. The quality check ensures that you receive lashes that match your needs and specifications. So it’s vital to do this step before application. 

It is recommended upon receiving your mink lashes, check the packing first for any physical damage. Second, open the package and check the quality of the mink lashes.

Check the Mink lashes if it is made up of real mink fur and construct them perfectly.

Have you ever received lashes that were not the quality you wanted? Then, when you get your mink lashes, learn how to complete a quality check.

Quality Check Lists of Mink Lashes?

Each factory conducts a manufacturing inspection to identify any issues. This is referred to as IPQC (1) (In-Process Quality Control).

In order you can better understand the quality checkpoints, You should read this post: 

How manufacturers make mink strip lashes? 

After you read that post, you will know how to check.

now let’s see what IPQC we do when production:

Process 1: Line the Hairs

Put all mink hairs in a line on the 2 sided adhesive to make the eyelash shape. This is only one layer of the lined hairs; according to the customer’s requirements, sometimes each lined hairpiece has a different direction. There are oblique and straight directions.

In these steps, we will pick out curled hair. Some hairs are not in a line, Some are out of line. 

The most crucial thing is to keep all the hairs at the same height so that the shape won’t be changed.

Process 2: Combined Lined Layer Hair Together

Peel off the double-sided adhesive film and glue all the one layer lined hair together

Key Quality CheckPoint: make sure that you’re checking the angle of where the eyelash will be placed. Make sure the double-sided adhesive sticks are in the proper position and gaps, sticker to sticker.

It ensures that your lashes flow nicely and do not look like one lash is twisted or off-centered. Spend some time making adjustments with a tweezer until you get it just right before applying any adhesive.

Process 3: Stick Cotton Band and Lined Hair Together

Stick the cotton band with the combined hair.

Key Quality CheckPoint: Ensure that the glued band is around 2mm (front surface) apart from the adjacent panel. (As pictured, glue areas are glued distance). It takes patience and a steady hand.

The hair will fall out under the following conditions:

  • If the glue does not have enough penetration.
  • It is too soft.
  • If the distance between black cotton threads and white 2-side glue is incorrect.

ipe away any excess adhesive. During this step, make sure the band is positioned correctly.

Process 4: Cut Off the Extra Hair

Cutting the glue area close to the cotton band to remove extra hairs

Critical CheckPoint: The most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid cutting too close. You must leave a proper line distance and not take off too much of the band at once. Keep an eye on the line distance. Don’t cut too narrow or leave a significant gap.

Process 5: Roll Eyelash And Re-adjust the Eyelash Shape

Put All Semi-finished eyelash products on a particular paper. Roll them by the Aluminum or glass tube. 

CheckPoint: Use tweezers that strictly divide eyelashes into good shape, do not messy hair, and do not stray hair.

Keeps them from sticking themselves too close to one another. In turn, it may cause unwanted clumping. You need to place the eyelashes neatly. It is to ensure that they can be glued down without interference.

Process 6: Heat the Eyelash to Curl Shape

Put All tubes into the Heat Oven to heat the natural Curl. 

A medical sterilization pot is preferable in heating the eyelash styling. A sterilization (3) pot for medical purposes is a heated container that sterilizes items.

Key Check Point: 

Be sure to keep an eye on the temperature and heating time. 

Process 7: Glue-On Eyelash Band/stalk/stems and Sun Drying

2nd time put glue on the Eyelash Band and Put it on the Board. Put them on Sunlight to make them dry. 

Critical CheckPoint: Glue ratios are also important Just like cooking, you need the right mixture of materials for both your eyelid and lash band to hold together properly. 

Process 8: Packaging On Tray

Tear off the eyelashes and put each pair into the packaging tray. 

CheckPoint: Check the overall of the eyelashes. Check if the box, If the tray with glue, etc.

So Then, based on the above manufacturing process, check these when you get your eyelash:

  • Check if the glue applied on the Band glue is flat and evenly? Check for any stray globs of adhesive. Are the hairs prone to falling out?
  • Are the hairs of your mink lashes tangled? If the eyelashes are out of shape?
  • Check if the gap between each hair cluster is even.
  • Check the consistency of each pair of lashes to determine if they’re uniform in thickness or not. 
  • Check if the trays with glue and much dust?

How To Check Lashes Packages?

Eyelash packaging is also essential, So you can not forget to check them when receiving them.

Here’s how to inspect false eyelash packages before putting them in your warehouse:

  • Check the outer box before signing in to receive it. 

The damage to the crush panels of the exterior cardboard box is often indicative of how quickly it will be damaged during shipment. If there are gaping holes, creases, or tears in them, then that’s a sign that the product inside can’t survive transit very well either.

  • Take photographs and videos of all four sides of the Outer Box. 

Quite simply, you need to take photographs and videos of the package before opening so you can tell if it’s been tampered with or damaged. The best way to protect yourself against returning a box full of nothing is by taking pictures with your phone.

  • Open the package and check inside. 

The best way to open a package is on the top edge. People often get duped by opening at the wrong spot and ripping along some other part of the box. If you open it on edge, it’s safer and easier to figure out where each piece is.

Check if inside products are transformed.

  • Examine the number of boxes and products included in your shipment. 

It would be best if you made sure there were no empty or poorly packed cartons, missing items on the packing list and checked for any visible damage.

  • Check the quality of the product. 

Inspecting the quality and condition of an online purchase can help you avoid any surprises when it arrives.

To get the most out of your false lashes, you need to take good care of them. You must keep them clean and store them properly.

How to Identify Your Eyelashes Are Mink Lashes? 

Many firms on the market fraudulently masquerade as mink hair by utilizing fake fiber eyelashes. We’ve put up a list of items to help you distinguish between natural and phony mink hair eyelashes.

A magnifying lens is helpful to examine fake eyelashes.

Mink eyelashes are unevenly thick and thin, with the mink hair tail hair being thicker and thicker as you get closer to the root.

The texture is more refined at the top and coarser towards the bottom. The mink hair on the back is genuine, and the price is also the most expensive.

Put the eyelashes at 80 degrees Celsius boiling water.

If you want to know if the eyelashes are real or fake, just boil them for a few minutes! If they do not become straight after boiling water, those aren’t mink hair. However, after a few minutes of boiling water, the natural mink hair eyelashes will become straight.

Burning with the fire

You may chop off a few mink lashes with fire and burn them.

After burning, the natural mink hair will have a burnt-human-hair smell. It can also be crushed into powder with bare hands. Real ones have a plastic flavor and do not become powdery when squeezed by hand.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when getting your mink lashes. However, you can make sure you are ordering from a reputable company. You may do this by checking the reviews and following other customers’ recommendations. 


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